Collect Data from web (Whatsapp Marketing) —- G01WHTSAP-D-GPN

GPN Offer ID : 700

Project Name : Collect Data from web (Whatsapp Marketing)


Description : Collect Data from web (Whatsapp Marketing)  —-  G01WHTSAP-D-GPN ;


I would like to hire a freelancer to research and compile a spreadsheet of all India, Pakistan, ShriLanka and Nepal based Freelancer, Junior Employees, Assistant Employees, Trainees and Students those are looking to work from home.


With this information gathered: ……..

– Person Name

– Designation

– Whatsapp Number

– City

– Country


Countries : India , Pakistan , Shrilanka , Nepal


Landing Page : Apply and ask for details.
Categories: Web Scraping , Data Scraping , Web Research .,
Payout 30 USD Per Thousand Entries With Full Details.