Registration Fees – Rs. 100 ONLY/- ( One Time )

    • Why you Charge Registration Fee ? We are strictly performance based network and committed towardes  clients to deliver the work within deadline; we assign the work with deadline and quality parameters if work not delivered within deadline or according to quality parameters then account suspended immediately and project assigned to other freelancer. Because of this term we welcome only serious and confident freelancers on network.
    • Fees is monthly ? NO, Registration fees is one time only., But you can get team and expert support for long time whenever you want also after training time as well.
    • Do You Provide help to complete the project ?  YES our experts are always here to help you and guide you with strategical support to complete the project assigned to you, we do offer free in-house training as well for registered members.  
    • What is the training duration and fee ? Training is free for registered  members till you work for the GWS Project Network .
    • I am not registered member of the GWS Project Network, I just want to take the advantage of training modules is this possible for me to join the training session. Sorry we provide on project training only, so if you are not a member of GWS Project network then you can not take the projects and training from us.
    • Can I sign up with a Facebook account or YouTube account? NO, you can not sign up with account from free websites.
    • How can I take projects? You can take projects from our network after a valid sign-up — “GWS Project Network” www.gwsprojectnetwork.com , and you can also get projects offline from our office as well.
    • Any training available for queries?  Yes, If you have knowledge and experience about projects so it’s good enough and else one month professional training is provided from us about your interested field of projects.
    • Can I get multiple projects at a time? NO, you can get only one project at a time and liable to get another one after the completion of first one.
    • What about Project Cancellation? If we don’t get any response and result from you before the first milestone of the project then that project will be  allotted to someone else.
    • Payment Cycle and Payment Mode?  Payment will be released upon approval from client on completion of Work within dead line and milestone terms must be followed.


    • If project is paused at middle so what about the payment?  If project is paused at the middle of the completion of project so you get paid based on the report or result of the project work before it paused.
    • Any Restrictions? No Incentive, No adult traffics, any kind of fraud not allowed, No compromise with “QUALITY” at all.
    • What about Account Deactivation? Account will deactivate any time by us if we found any kind of fraud and indiscipline behavior from you.
    • How Can I promote your Campaign ? Our team and expert support are here to guide you to promote our campaign and to provide training.
    • What if I have more questions? Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, you can get in touch via the “Contact Us” link on website.