Refund And Cancellation

Refund And Cancellation

Refund And Cancellation of

Refund Policy:  refund will be done through online mode in 5-6 working days.

  1. No Refund on membership charges.
  2. Refund can be claim on –
    1. Non delivered projects – Non Delivered can be considered after 7 working days of expected delivery date.
    2. Wrong project delivered – difference on model number, color, making year, brand name will considered.
    3. Useless or non working project delivered.
  3. Refund Can’t be claim
    1. If project not cancelled before dispatch of project.
    2. If delivered on time and complaint of useless or wrong project not received within 2 working of receiving.
    3. If wrong delivery address given and not changed before dispatch.
    4. If work not received at given address.
  4. Project Cancellation can be accepted in any circumstance if cancelled before dispatch.
  5. Project Cancellation can’t be accept in any circumstance if order dispatch.
  6. Customer can’t cancel the project before Launch Date
  7. Refund will be processed through online mode in 5-6 working days after we received returned project in same condition we deliver.
  8. Refund Will Processed after 7 working days of Coupon/Offer expiration date if order placed though coupons so it can make sure coupon will not be used any further after order cancellation.
  9. % of Refunded Amount will vary according to project and it’s category.
  10. Projects can be returned within 24 hours once delivered.
  11. We try and deliver projects within 10 working days After Launch.
  12. Gws Project Network Reserve all rights to cancel order and raise full refund without sharing reason.

**Discount and price you are getting for the product because you are buying product before arrival and agreed for the delayed delivery.


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