Sending Mails For Personal Loan —- M01911-2

GPN Offer ID : 738

Project Name : Sending Mails For Personal Loan


Description : Sending Mails For Personal Loan  —-  M01911-2 ;


I would like to hire a freelancer to send emails to targeted audience.


Ask For Data, Email Campaign, Subject Lines, Reply Id, and other related details.


Conversion Point : Completed Thousand Impression.


Allowed Country : USA.

Landing Page : Apply and ask for details
Categories: Email Marketing , Email Sending .,

Payment Terms :

Dead Line    15 Days
Upfront  —-  100 USD
Payment will be released upon approval from client on completion of Work

Inbox Should be  = 80 %

Mail Open Should be Min = 50 %

Click on link should be  Min =30 %